Yearly Prevention Program

Yearly Prevention Program

SHAH Systems provides Yearly Prevention Program for hardware, software to individuals as well as corporate houses

Our technical team is organized and skilled enough to provide quick, efficient and expert services in all combinations of logical and physical problems such as hard disk crash, controller failure, file delete, O/S re-install, read errors, upgrade failure, restore failure, flashcard re-format etc. There is an emphatic accent on service, and it runs through the entire organizations’ operation.

Our engineers are equipped with all the necessary spares, tools and aware about effective maintenance of systems, designed using the most sophisticated technologies. Constant training is imparted to keep all our employees updated with the latest technologies, and they are continuously enriched with technical updates

Benefits Of Our Yearly Prevention Program

  • Yearly Prevention Program are available at low prices with both comprehensive and non-comprehensive packages
  • Technical support is available at your place within a short time
  • Online support is available during office time through remote desktop services, phone or internet
  • During significant breakdowns, we provide standby machine, parts if it is to be repaired through us/ to be replaced through us, subject to availability

High replacement costs in computer market make evaluating repair an obvious choice over the assumed need for replacement. SHAH Systems always does a practice of minimizing the cost, but not at the expense of quality. We perform most repairs down to component level. If a part cannot be repaired, we may use a new part or a pull from a unit we purchased as a "salvage unit", to save your money

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